A cable for your car charger is a great investment

With the launch of the Ford Escape Hybrid, it’s the end of the line for car charging.

Now, for the first time, you can buy an extra set of wheels to add to your car’s battery pack.

The $60 cable connects to your Ford Escape’s USB port, and plugs into the wall of your car.

It has a 5-volt power jack, so it’s compatible with most car chargers.

“It’s very powerful, and it can recharge batteries and charge the batteries and the power supply,” said Adam Josten, a Ford spokesperson.

You can use it with a car charger, but not as a car battery charger, because it won’t work with standard car batteries.

This could save you money.

In the past, car batteries have had an issue with overheating.

“They’re not the safest thing to put in a car,” said Jostengen.

“You can run the risk of the battery overheating and you can damage the battery.”

Ford says the cable can be used to charge a car’s rear wheel batteries, which are a more reliable and reliable way to charge batteries.

The cable is also great for adding some more safety to your vehicle.

You might want to keep your car battery chargers in a different place.

For example, if you’re charging a car seat, you might want the charger on your dashboard.

Or if you have a remote control for your phone, you could plug it in to the charger in the car’s trunk.

And if you own a Ford Focus, you should consider the cable.

“The Ford Escape comes with an optional 5-amp USB charger, which will charge the battery of the Focus in a similar fashion as it does in the Escape,” said Ford.

Ford says it has more chargers for the Escape coming soon.

Jostens said Ford has not released pricing information for the extra set, but it’s likely to be cheaper than the $30 car charger that comes with the car.

“This cable is a perfect addition to the Escape as a battery charger,” said Matt LeBlanc, a technology analyst with the automotive blog PlugShare.

Ford is looking to expand the product line, with the Escape Hybrid.

Ford will introduce the first car in the new line with an 8-speaker sound system.

“We’re working with a lot of different companies to develop the sound system and other things,” said LeBlanche.

“Ford has a great reputation for having a great sound system, and the audio is very solid.”

Ford will also offer an optional rear parking sensor.

The company will offer the device in two versions, a 12-volt version that plugs into your dash or into a wall outlet, and a 12.4-volt model that plugs directly into your car trunk.

Ford hopes to roll out the first 10 cars in 2019, with a total of 100,000 units.

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