Apple unveils USB-C 3.1 power port for MacBook Pro

Apple is rolling out a new USB-A power port that it claims will allow the new MacBook Pro to charge up to five times faster than its predecessor, the MacBook Pro 15-inch, which has a USB-M connector.

Apple’s announcement on Tuesday came at the end of the company’s “USB-C Next” keynote, in which the company was showing off its new wireless charging standard.

The company is also touting a new, improved USB-T charging port, which is much bigger than the current one, and which can charge the MacBook Airs without using a dock.

The USB-X port is a new connector that Apple is launching with the MacBooks it sells.

It allows users to charge their iPhones with USB-W ports on any MacBook, including the 12-inch MacBook Pro, which it says will be the first Mac to have a USB X port.

The new USB ports will work on all MacBooks, but they won’t work on the 12, 15- or 17-inch models.

The ports are designed for USB-Lanes, which allow Macs to connect to PCs or laptops through USB.

The company is saying the new ports will be available in the next few weeks.

It will be compatible with Apple’s AirPort Extreme replacement, but not with the AirPort Express replacement, which supports USB 3.0.

The announcement comes just weeks after Apple launched its latest MacBook Pro with a new design.

It features a matte black plastic back and has a matte-finished aluminum frame.

It’s the first MacBook Pro model with a glossy-finished exterior, and the company has said it is not a redesign of the 12 and 15-inchers.