Apple’s new MacBook Air has an audio hub that can play headphones

Apple is selling an audio-hub-like device that plugs into the back of the MacBook Air, which allows it to play audio CDs or play digital audio files, according to a new patent application.

The patent was filed by the University of Southern California and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The device, called an audio jack, is intended for use with headphones and could be used for use as a stand-alone device or as a hub for other audio devices, according the application.

It can also be used as a docking station.

The new patent is a continuation of the current USB audio jack design that has been around for some time.

A USB audio connector is attached to a micro USB cable that runs through the bottom of the laptop, where the jack sits.

It has an inductive power source.

Apple is using the patent to try to find a way to use the jack in a way that is compatible with headphones, AppleInsider reported.

In the current design, the audio jack has two ports: one is for audio, the other for power.

That means that if you plug headphones into the jack and turn on a device, the headphones will play music, while the audio will be muted.

The jack also has two power-source outputs: one for audio and another for power, according AppleInsiders.

Apple’s design was previously known as the Audio Hub.

The Audio Hub is meant to allow the MacBook to play headphones with headphones plugged into the USB port, but there are still some issues that could prevent that.

For example, the headphone jack on the current MacBook has no power, so it won’t play audio.

A user might plug a portable Bluetooth speaker into the headphone port and the speaker would not work, Apple’s patent said.

“The audio jack is designed to allow headphones to be plugged into a USB port and to be able to play them through the headphone socket,” the patent said, according a Reuters story.

Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment.

This is Apple’s first time filing for a patent that uses an audio socket in the design.

The current design is based on a design from a company called Micro-USB Audio, which has been used in a number of audio devices for a long time.

The audio socket itself is a standard Micro-U type that plugs in to most standard USB connectors, including headphones.

The design on the new MacBook is based around the design from Micro-S, but it uses a different audio socket.