Apple’s usb super drive could be coming soon, report says

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple could soon offer an adapter to plug into a USB drive that can be used to power a Mac or iPhone.

The news comes a week after the company was forced to stop selling a flash drive that was supposed to be the successor to the original Thunderbolt.

It was supposed for use with Apple’s MacBook Pro, but was discontinued in March after complaints that the USB port was too small for it.

A new report says that the company is working on a USB port adapter for the MacBook Pro.

The company has been working on its own USB adapter for some time, but has been slow to make it a reality.

Apple has been pushing the idea of the Thunderbolt 2.0 adapter for a while, but its been a bit of a slow development.

Apple has been slowly pushing the Thunderbolt 3.0 standard, but this new report suggests that it may not be ready for release just yet.

A company spokesman confirmed the report, saying that Apple “will soon be announcing the Thunderbolt accessory, which will be available to all MacBook Pro users.”