How to fix blue yeti USB hub issue

The blue yetis USB hub is one of the most useful things you’ll find in your laptop’s USB port, and for good reason.

The device is designed to work with the newest USB 3.0 standards and can deliver a full-speed connection to your PC.

It also has a handy Lightning port that lets you hook up a second device that plugs into the same USB 3 port as the first.

If you’re looking for something a bit more convenient than a USB hub, the Blue Yeti is available for around $35, which isn’t much more than a regular USB-C port, but it’s the only USB-A port that works with Windows 10.

The reason you want to use this port instead of the one you have in your PC is that it has a different cable, making it easy to hook up to a laptop with the same cable, but not as easy as connecting to your computer.

Luckily, there are two ways to get around this.

The first way is to buy a Lightning adapter from the company that manufactures them.

You’ll need a USB-E to USB-B cable, and you can buy one at Amazon for around a dollar.

The second is to get a Blue Yetis USB-M connector that’s compatible with the Lightning cable.

It’s about the same price as a regular Lightning cable, though you’ll pay an extra $10 to get the Blue yeti adapter, so it’s not a cheap option.