How to get rid of your cable modem, cable TV, and other clutter from your PC

By now you’ve probably seen the phrase ‘free TV’ or ‘free Internet’. 

If you’re not yet familiar with the term, here are the basics: Free TV: You can use a phone, tablet or laptop as your home entertainment device (if you have one) and use it as a home entertainment source.

Free Internet: Use your PC as a free home Internet router or modem, but you won’t get access to any of the services you use online.

Mobile hotspot: A mobile hotspot that you can use to connect your mobile phone or tablet to your PC.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime: If it’s an internet service that’s available through an internet connection, you can stream Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime videos from your mobile device.

Amazon Prime Instant Video: Amazon Prime Video offers a wide range of original content, including documentaries, TV series, movies and TV shows.

You can get free Prime membership to watch any of these shows, including Amazon Prime Original Series.

PandaPanda: Panda Panda, a popular streaming service, lets you rent and watch the latest TV series.

Spotify, Spotify and Apple Music: Spotify’s service is a free subscription service, Spotify’s is a paid subscription service.

Apple Music’s Free Unlimited trial lasts for six months and allows you to watch unlimited music in the Apple Music library.

Google Play Music Unlimited trial is also available for a limited time and allows a limited number of songs to be played in the Google Play Music library on a monthly basis.

All of these services are available to purchase and rent, but they’re not cheap: You can buy a $25 subscription to Spotify for $50, or $5 a month to use Spotify Premium as a music player on your desktop or laptop.

While these services may be expensive, it’s not impossible to get away with using them for free.

The best way to get free internet and mobile hotspots, as well as streaming video from your smartphone or tablet, is to buy a smartphone or computer that supports the Google Chromecast.

If you do want to use Google Chromecasts as a media player, make sure to set them to the same port as your PC and set up your Chromecast as a Chromecast port.

The more ports a Chromecast can support, the better.

Another way to use your Chromecasters is to use the Google TV app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

You can then connect to a Chromedecast via a USB cable.