How to make a USB to USB converter to connect to an external firewire port to run the latest Windows 10 build

By now, most users should be able to connect their Windows 10 PC to a USB-to-Firewire converter via an external FireWire port.

But if you want to run a Windows 10 Build 10586 build, you’re going to need a USB C to Firewire converter.

This guide will walk you through the process of making one from a standard USB to FireWire adapter and then hooking it up to your PC via a USB FireWire to USB port.

The converter will then run Windows 10, connect to the FireWire interface, and be able connect to your USB Firewire ports.

While this guide covers the basic steps of getting the converter up and running, it will also walk you step by step through installing the Firewire-to USB-C adapter.

Once you have this set up, you should be all set to start using the new FireWire-to, USB-FireWire, and USB-Thunderbolt interfaces.