How to Turn the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into a TV remote control

By Jessica LiskerThe Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes with a host of new features, but there are some pretty big changes in the tablet’s interface.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how the Note 7 handles remote control functionality.

There are a few new features to the Note 10.1 tablet that we’ve never seen before, including the ability to use the touchscreen to control your phone, as well as a redesigned home button.

You can also use the tablet to take a photo, or send a text message.

But there’s also a lot of new functionality.

First, we’re going to look at the Note’s new remote control features.

If you haven’t noticed, Samsung has built its tablet into a new home button that you press to get the tablet into portrait mode.

You also have a long-press shortcut for turning on the screen.

These shortcuts are used to navigate to a menu and to take photos, but they also let you launch the Note app, and you can also swipe up on the tablet and tap the home button to launch the Camera app.

These shortcuts can be quite handy if you need to quickly navigate to the app menu or the camera app without leaving the home screen.

The home button is a welcome change for some users, but it can be difficult to get used to.

We’re still not entirely sure how Samsung plans to make its tablet remote control work, though.

It doesn’t have a dedicated button, and there are no physical buttons that you can push with the Note.

Samsung’s tablet doesn’t support motion-detection gestures, which could make the tablet harder to use than most other tablets.

We also don’t know how Samsung’s camera app will work with the new home-button shortcuts.