How to upgrade your Apple iPhone 6S or 6S Plus with USB-C charging

A number of new Apple iPhone models are getting the upgrade to USB-c charging, as a new plug in your iPhone’s battery is also getting the treatment.

Apple has been pushing new Lightning cables for a few years now, but USB-CP is the first Apple Lightning cable to get the upgrade.

This means that you can plug your iPhone into any USB-A port on a computer or laptop with an USB-X connector on the end, and then connect your iPhone to a USB-to-Serial converter (USB-C) port on the computer.

With USB-CI charging, USB-connected devices will charge while plugged into a USB port on your computer or Mac, but if you plug your device into a different port on another computer or device, the USB-causing device will not charge.

This could result in a phone or tablet running a bit slow, as it will take a while for the charger to charge, and you may have to wait until it’s fully charged before you can charge it again.

The new Apple Lightning charging cable that’s getting the USB upgrade is the Lightning-A 1.5″ charging cable from Lightning, which is also the standard connector for USB-E, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 devices.

While it’s not officially confirmed that this cable is the new USB-CE 2.1 standard, it’s also not the first to get a USB 3 connector, which means that it should be compatible with most USB-compatible USB-HC chargers.

Other USB-ce connectors, like the USB 2 USB-AC, are also being upgraded to USB 3 and USB-B, and a few more USB-USB chargers are getting USB-P connectors, as well.

These USB-T connectors allow you to plug your USB devices into a variety of devices, including USB-M, USB 3, and Thunderbolt 3.

With the addition of USB-CA 2.2, Apple is also introducing a new USB Power Delivery port, which will enable your USB-powered devices to power devices with USB ports.

These devices will be able to charge the devices with their USB ports, as long as you have a USB Power Adapter (USB Power Delivery Adapter).

This new USB power adapter is just a USB Type-C Type-A power adapter, which also works with all USB-type-C devices, but the USB Power Supply Adapter will let you plug in USB-Type-C chargers into any existing USB-port adapter.