How to wirelessly charge a smartwatch, iPhone, and Android device with a cable from your PC

Apple recently unveiled a smart-watch extension cord.

The accessory, which lets you wirelessly recharge your iPhone or Android smartphone, was released in late September, but it’s only available through Apple’s App Store.

The extension cord has a small black plug and a white cable.

When plugged in, the cord lets you charge a phone or iPad, but you also need to connect your iPhone and Android smartphone to the extension cord to make it work.

To get started, you’ll need a USB cable that can be plugged into an iPhone or iPad and a pair of USB-to-DC adapters.

Connect the adapter to the adapter that has a red and blue light and a red button that says “charge”.

The red light indicates the adapter will start charging your phone.

If you don’t press the button, the light stays off.

The adapter also requires an iPhone to charge, so make sure you’re not charging a different device than the one you want to use.

Apple’s app lets you choose the color of the cord, but if you don.

In the Apple App Store, you can select a red cord or a blue cord to connect a smart watch to your phone, while in the Google Play Store, the red cord is recommended.

Here’s how to wire up your smartwatch to your computer:When you plug the extension cable into the extension plug on your smart watch, it’ll connect to your PC via USB.

This connects the smart watch directly to your desktop computer.

To connect the extension to a Mac, simply open the Finder, go to Applications, and click on the extension icon.

To attach a wireless keyboard to your smart wrist, go back to the smartwatch and click the keyboard icon, then click Connect.

Once connected, the smart-wrist extension will show up on your PC monitor.

In Windows 10, the extension will be shown in a sidebar on the desktop.

In macOS, the icon will be hidden.

When your extension cord is attached, it should be able to charge your smartphone.

When it’s charged, you should be given a notification on your phone saying “Connected to Apple”.

If you’re using an iPhone, the notification will say “Connecting to Apple.”

If you’re connected to your iPhone using the smart extension cord, it will show an icon in the top right corner of the screen that says your iPhone has been charged.

If your iPhone is in the dock, it can be used to power down your smart phone.

You can disconnect the extension from your phone by hitting the Power button on the Apple Watch and then pressing the Home button.

When you’re finished charging, your smart-Wrist extension should have a green light on it.

You should be seeing an “iPhone is now charging” notification on the smart wrist.

You’ll then need to turn on your Apple Watch to see the smart Wrist extension.

The Apple Watch smart-suspension extension cord should also charge your iPhone, iPad, and other smart-devices.

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