USB 3.0 headphones are the way to go, says TechCrunch

New headphones are on the way, and there’s a lot of hype around them.

But what if you need to use them in a different way?

That’s the idea behind the new USB 3 series headphones.

Read moreTechCrunch asked Google why the company decided to add the new line of USB 3 headphones.

They didn’t have a clear answer, but it seems like Google wanted to make it easy for users to get connected to a computer via a USB cable.

They also said they wanted to provide a more comfortable fit for the earphones.

They also said that they want to create a “clean” and “simple” product.

That is a reference to the way the company makes products.

We want to provide products that are comfortable, without sacrificing the functionality of the product.

So they’re all about simplicity.

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