When the HDMI Capture HDMI Adapter becomes an Android app

The latest Android apps to support HDMI capture include Amazon’s Alexa, Philips Hue, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

The HDMI Capture app for Android is currently available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

The Android app is free and works with most Android devices, including Samsung TVs, Apple TVs, Roku TVs, Chromecast devices, Chromeboxes, Chromecasts, and Google TV devices.

HDMI Capture will be available on the Amazon Alexa app, the Philips Hue app, Amazon’s Fire TV app, and the Fire TV remote for Android.

The Alexa app is the best place to find HDMI Capture compatible devices.

The Amazon Fire app has HDMI Capture support.

Amazon’s Echo, Fire TV streaming stick, Fire TVs with the Alexa smart home hub, and Echo Dot are all supported.

The Hue app supports HDMI Capture.

Philips Hue is supported on the Hue Hue TV, Hue hub, Hue lights, and Hue speakers.

Amazon Fire Pro is supported.

Amazon Alexa TV and Fire TV devices can also support HDMI Capture, but the Amazon Fire remote and Fire Stick will not.

The Google Play app also supports HDMI capture, but it will not capture a picture of the display.

Amazon is also offering an Android-specific HDMI Capture plugin for developers.

Android-only HDMI Capture has not been officially supported by Google yet.

If you have a HDMI capture device, check the Amazon website to find out if your device can capture HDMI.

If not, you can get it by purchasing HDMI Capture for Android or HDMI Capture HD for Android from Amazon.