When you plug in a new USB-C device, the battery life will vary

Google, which is under fire for not providing more power to its Android smartphones, has just launched a new product that can provide a bit of extra power to older devices.

The company said on Wednesday that the new USB Mini B, which has a battery life of two to three days, can be plugged in for a couple of hours to power up an Android smartphone.

But you might want to wait for longer.

USB Mini-B’s battery life varies depending on the type of USB-B port used, Google said.

The new product is also available in white and blue.

The USB Mini Mini-A2, which was announced last year, has a capacity of three to five days.

The battery life depends on the USB-A port used.

Google is launching the USB Mini A2, the first USB-c to USB-D device, in China, in time for the end of its two-year Android smartphone warranty, which runs from January 31.

The USB Mini mini-b, which Google says can provide up to three hours of battery life, comes with a small USB-type plug, and comes in two colors: a black and white version and a blue and silver version.

USB Mini-C is available in black and silver, and costs $49.95.