Which USB Charging Headers are Best for You?

Here at Reddit, we’ve come up with a handy list of USB charging heads.

So, whether you want to use your new Thunderbolt to power your phone or a USB hub for your gaming PC, these chargers are sure to help.

Here are the best USB charging headers for your needs:Thunderbolt Charging head:This USB charger from Thunderbolt charges your phone and drives your Thunderbolt 3 cable to your computer, while the USB hub also works with Thunderbolt to charge your phone as well.

The USB hub works with your smartphone or PC, too.

Thunderbolt 3 to USB hub:This Thunderbolt 3 to Lightning connector offers charging for your phone, as well as USB power to the Thunderbolt 3 port of your laptop.

Thunderbolt 3 USB hub provides charging for a laptop or desktop.

Thunderfield USB cable:This Lightning USB cable works with a MacBook Pro to charge it.

Thunderbolt cable connects the MacBook Pro directly to the Lightning port on your computer.

Thunderbird to Lightning cable:You’ll need a Thunderbolt to Lightning adapter to use this adapter.

Thunderbolt to USB adapter for Mac:Thunderbird cable connects your Mac to the USB port on the Thunderbolt to your phone.

Thunderbolt USB adapter connects your iPhone to the charger.

Thunderport USB cable (USB-C):Thunderport Lightning cable connects a Mac to a USB port of a USB device.

Thunderbolt port for iPhone works with iPhone and iPad.

ThunderPort USB adapter works with MacBook Air.

Thunderstream USB cable to Lightning:Thunderstream Lightning cable is the perfect way to connect your Thunderbolt 2 device to your Lightning to USB device with a simple Thunderbolt cable.

Thunderbolt 2 to USB works with iPhones and iPads, and Thunderbolt 2 port for MacBook Air works with Macs.

ThunderStream USB adapter supports Apple’s Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt adapter.

Thunderbattery charger (optional):Thunderbolt to Lightning charger allows you to connect an Apple Thunderbolt to a Lightning cable or adapter to charge a smartphone.

It’s an alternative to using your MacBook Pro as a charging cable.

Thunderpower USB to Lightning Adapter:ThunderPower USB to USB Adapter lets you charge your smartphone directly to your laptop or workstation.

Thunderbolt charger lets you use your MacBook Air as a USB cable.