Which USB Type C charger should you get?

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked which USB Type-C chargers would be the best for those who want to use the type-C port on their smartphones.

“I think it depends,” Hayes said.

“If you’re going to have your phone in your pocket or on your desk, you’re gonna want a charger that’s gonna be good for the size of the phone.

If you’re not, I think you should go with a USB Type A or Type B charger.

You don’t want a battery-operated device charging in your phone.

You want to charge it on the phone.”

He went on to suggest that if you want to run a computer and have it charge on your phone, you might be better off buying a USB 3.0 charger.

“If you have a phone that has a USB port and you’re plugging it into your PC, you can get an unlimited amount of power,” Hayes explained.

“But if you’re a computer user, you don’t need that much power.

You need to charge your computer.

If it’s a laptop, then you need more power.

And if you need to connect it to a wall outlet, then a USB-C charger is the way to go.”

He continued to suggest one option is the “USB Type-A” charging standard, which would be ideal for laptops and other laptops with USB Type 2 ports.

“It’s the most common type of port on a computer, but you’ll probably have a little problem with your battery,” Hayes told viewers.

“And you want your computer to be able to charge, but it won’t charge as fast.

You’ll need a USB type-A charger.

I like the USB Type B. It has no charging lag.””

It has no charge lag.

And it’s not a port you plug in, you plug it out.

It’s a port.

You plug it in, it goes.

You go, ‘That’s a little bit faster than a USB 2.0 port, right?'”

Hayes said that the Type-B is more “portable,” but that it’s also much more difficult to install, since it requires a cable.

“You don’t plug it into the power outlet and you plug the power out, so you’re kind of left with this cord,” Hayes noted.

“You’re kind, ‘Okay, I’m gonna use this thing to charge my phone, but I’m not going to use this to charge this computer.'”

The host then mentioned the “Type-C” standard, saying “you can get a Type-D adapter, which is very portable.”

“What’s really interesting is, it’s got the same type of cable, so it’s the same size,” Hayes concluded.

“So if you do this, you have the same port.

If they come out with Type-S, you’ll still have a Type A port.””

You know what?

You’re gonna have to pick your USB Type.

It really depends on what you want.

But if you are going to be charging your laptop, you really need a Type C.”

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