Why is the wall charger on sale at Rs 15,000?

The wall charger for the LG V20 will set you back Rs 15 to Rs 15K for a 1.4GHz model, with the cheaper models offering a higher speed.

These are the cheapest models available for the phone on the official Google Store page.

The LG V10 will be on sale for Rs 10,999, while the LG G5 will be priced at Rs 10K for the same model.

The OnePlus 5T will cost Rs 10 per month, while a 3G variant will cost around Rs 15 per month.

For the LG wall charger, you can choose between two power levels, ranging from 5.5 to 6.0 volts, according to the official website.

The charging port can charge up to 5.4V and the phone can be charged up to 6V for 10 minutes of talk time.

The charger supports Qi charging technology, so you can charge your phone at home or even in public places.

The charger also has a Micro USB port for charging other USB-powered devices, including headphones and USB ports for charging laptops and tablets.

For charging a TV, you need a Qi charging cable.

If you’re not worried about battery life, you’ll get around 2 hours of talk and messaging time on a charge, according the website.LG has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer to supply its wall charger.

The manufacturer says that the LG LG V60 has an “analysing and verification system that helps to verify the authenticity of the charger.”

The LG wall chargers are sold in China and Taiwan, with Amazon listing the device for Rs 20,999 and the other for Rs 24,999.

It’s not clear if the charger is made by LG, Huawei or a third party manufacturer.