Why is this car charger not connected to the internet?

Posted by: The Jerusalem Report An Israeli car charger is the latest car to be hit with a legal action after being found to have failed to register as a required telecommunications equipment, and therefore not complying with a number of relevant regulations.

This means the charger cannot be used in Israel without a special license.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday ruled that the car charger was not an approved telecom device for use in Israel, and that the Tel Aviv Public Works Authority had no authority to issue the charger a license.

This comes after Tel Aviv city council issued a directive in March 2016 requiring telecom devices such as car chargers to be registered with the authorities, including in the case of car charging stations, which have a long history of providing car charging services.

The Tel Aviv District Court also ruled in April that the charger is not required to register with Tel Aviv City Council, as the Tel-Aviv Public Works Department does not have any official authority to license them.

This comes at a time when Tel Aviv is working on a plan to make car charging a viable alternative to charging at home, and the city is expected to launch a pilot scheme in the coming weeks.

While car chargors have been around for some time, the recent crackdown on them is likely to make them more popular.

Car chargers are increasingly popular among Israelis, with nearly 80% of Israelis saying they would use a car charger at least once in their lives, according to a survey released in February by the Telva Foundation.